1. E-Badge Ticker -- a LED namebadge programming tool
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      1. Version 1.1 adds ISO8859-15 support and works around weird timing problems
Veit Wahlich

E-Badge Ticker -- a LED namebadge programming tool


E-Badge Ticker is a tool for programming LED namebadges using an IR (infrared) transmitter under GNU/Linux. Should work without major changes on almost all other Unices, too.

E-Badge Ticker was created for the inFactory E-Badge IR sold by the German online shop PEARL Agency in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.

As the PEARL own brand Lunartec seems to be OEM-relabeling this product, it is very likely this program will work for other devices, too. Please report any success with other devices to [cru at zodia dot de]. If you are a manufacturer/supplier of a compatible or similar device and want your device being listed here or E-Badge Ticker to support your device, please contact me likewise via the e-mail address abov

Fredrik Westad [fredrikwestad at hotmail dot com] reports a compatible device being sold in Norway and Sweden by Clas Ohlson.




demo video

This video shows the inFactory E-Badge IR in action after it had been programmed using E-Badge Ticker 1.0.


E-Badge Ticker, copyright 2005 Veit Wahlich [cru at zodia dot de]. The project website is http://veit.wahlich.com/e-badge/.

E-Badge Ticker is released as free (libre) and open source software licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPLv2).

The software is provided as-is. The author disclaims responsibility of any damage or harm caused directly or indirectly by use of this software. Use only at your own risk.


You may download source tarballs from http://veit.wahlich.com/files/e-badge/.

The following releases are available:


Version 1.1 adds ISO8859-15 support and works around weird timing problems

Sven Geggus [sven at geggus dot net] reported a problem with E-Badge Ticker not working on his E-Badge IR. In a short debug session we found the problem being solved by inserting a short delay between the characters when sending them to the device. E-Badge Ticker works without any delay for the very most devices, but for the few devices that have problems, you may use the optional -t parameter to enable the delays. Note this requires the Time::HiRes Perl module from CPAN to be installed.

Sven also supplied a character table of the special characters the device supports, which made it possible to add support for ISO8859-15 encoded text input.